Jim Goodwill

HR Assistant

External Address: 
PO Box 90752, 06 West Duke Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
+1 919 660 3092

Jim Goodwill comes to the ROTC Department with 32 years of Federal Service. Born into an Army family, Jim had the Army “in his blood”. He participated in ROTC during college and was commissioned in 1973 as an Army Signal Corps Officer. After serving three years on active duty in the field of Tactical Communications, he left the service to pursue his long range goal of becoming an ordained minister and an Army Chaplain. After graduating from Seminary he sought and obtained a commission as an Army Chaplain where he spent the reminder of his military service, retiring as a Colonel is 2006. Although he entered retirement fully in 2012, he got “totally bored” and in 2014 started volunteering at the Duke Army ROTC Department to keep busy. He transitioned to government employment as the Duke ROTC Human Resources Assistant in 2015. He continues his ministry with area churches by preaching and conducting wedding ceremonies as requested.