The Department of Military Science offers students from all disciplines within the university the opportunity to study the following subjects: leadership theory and practice; management of time, personnel, and materiel; ethics; the role and responsibility of the military in contemporary society; and the philosophy and practice of military strategy and tactics. First-year and sophomore-level courses are open to all Duke students and do not require full participation in the Army ROTC program. The leadership laboratory provides students a unique and dynamic hands-on leadership experience in addition to an opportunity to put military skills and tactics into practice. The laboratory is offered as an optional course for nonprogram students enrolled in the freshman courses. It is mandatory each semester for contracted cadets (both scholarship and nonscholarship) and for students who intend to contract or to apply for a scholarship. Advanced courses are open only to qualified ROTC cadets.

Course Number Title Course Category
MILITSCI101S Leadership and Personal Development Basic Course
MILITSCI150 Introduction to Tactical Leadership Basic Course
MILITSCI201 Innovative Team Leadership (Lecture) Basic Course
MILITSCI291 Independent Study Basic Course
MLITISCI250 Foundations of Tactical Leadership Basic Course
MLITSCI291-1 Independent Study - Half Credit Basic Course
MILITSCI301 Small Unit Military Leadership (Lecture) Advanced Course
MILITSCI350 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Military Leaders Advanced Course
MILITSCI401S Developing Adaptive Military Leaders Advanced Course
MILITSCI450S Military Leadership in a Complex World Advanced Course
MILITSCI91L Leadership Laboratory - Fall Semester Leadership Lab
MILITSCI92L Leadership Laboratory - Spring Semester Leadership Lab