For Future Cadets

Welcome to the Blue Devil Eagle Battalion and the Department of Military Science at Duke University

When you become a member of the Blue Devil Eagle Battalion family, you're not just working towards a diploma, but an even brighter future as a leader alongside other motivated cadets. But make no mistake, you are a student first. You will have a college schedule like your fellow students, attend Duke or NCCU basketball games, join fraternities, sororities or anything else you choose to do. But, you will also receive classroom and field courses that will challenge and excite you. Beyond that you can take part in events and activities with fellow cadets that will make your college experience better.


Training students to be leaders is what we do. Through Army ROTC, you will become more comfortable in positions of leadership and will internalize the value of discipline, hard work and organization.


Many college students get inspired to make a difference in the world and to serve a cause bigger than themselves. No employer engages in service-oriented work to the scale of the US Army.  When you become Army Officer through Army ROTC, you will make an active contribution to a better world and may find yourself at the front lines of some of world’s most pressing problems. Learn about opportunities as an Officer:


As a cadet in Army ROTC, you will gain experience in leading subordinates as well as planning military events and operations. Your training will also include demanding physical and mental tasks, often performed in a stressful, but supportive, environment. For many of our cadets, the experience is a transformative one. Students become more confident in themselves, more physically and mentally tough, as well becoming effective planners and communicators. These skills learned in ROTC, and applied in the Army as an Officer, are highly marketable outside the Army.

Training and Curriculum

A typical training schedule for a Freshman cadet entering the program would involve a Military Science Lecture Class once a week (normally on Thursdays from 11:45am to 1pm) as well as a Military Science Lab which normally takes place from 3pm to 5pm, also on Thursday. In addition, students would be required to attend Physical Training at 6am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

Total training time for new cadets is normally between 6-8 hours each week. This leaves plenty of time for students to not only study for classes, but to also enjoy what traditional college life has to offer. This freedom to get involved in campus clubs, organizations and social activities, as well as freeedom to major in any subject, is one of the major advantages of earning a Commission through Army ROTC as opposed to a Service Academy or a Senior Military College.