How to Join

Explore the world of the Army today!

Joining our program is literally like signing up for a class. When you sign up for ROTC, you will register for a Military Science Class and Lab (MILITSCI course codes at Duke or MSC at NCCU).  You will need a permission number from our department and will also be issued uniforms and equipment. You will then take part in the training and class work that encompasses the ROTC program and will be able to explore the world of the military to see if it’s right for you!  Joining ROTC does not mean you are enlisting in the Army and does not require attendance at Basic Training.

Click on one of the categories to the left to see more information on the program that interests you. Still have questions or not sure where to click? No problem! Our enrollment team is ready and able to answer your questions. Give us a call or shoot us an email today to get started!

Our program is available to current Freshman and Sophomore students at Duke University or North Carolina Central University. Our program is also open to graduate and professional (Law, Business) students as long as the student has at least two years and two summers remaining for classes and training.

You can also join if you are a mid-semester student! Please contact our office so we can determine the best avenue of entry for you!

Email us at:

Phone Numbers:

Duke Office: (919) 660-3091 / 3090  (East Campus, West Duke Building) 

NCCU Office: (919) 530-7195  (Taylor Education Building)

Facebook: Duke NCCU Army ROTC                                                                                                          Instagram: Bull City Battalion