Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

The Army ROTC SMP is a program in which Senior ROTC (contracted) Cadets, sophomores through graduate students, simultaneously serve as members of the Army National guard or Reserves. For more information please contact:

  • SFC White, NC Army NG at 919- 724-8610
  • SSG Lambert, US Army Reserve at 919-490-6671

Are You Eligible?

  • Only ROTC contracted cadets may participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program.
  • Enlisted members of the ARNG/USAR must participate in the SMP in order to contract as members of SROTC advanced course.
  • SROTC cadets who contract in the advanced course under Guaranteed Reserve Forces duty (GFRD) must participate in the SMP. This includes all Reserve Forces Duty (RFD) and Dedicated Army National Guard (DedARNG) scholarship recipients.
  • IAW AR 601-210, SROTC cadets who receive SROTC scholarships (other than RFD scholarships) may not participate in SMP.
  • SROTC cadets who contract in the advance course as non-scholarship, non-GFRD, may participate in SMP. This is not a requirement, however.

Program Benefits

  • SMP Cadets serve in the ARNG/USAR units in the rank of cadet and receive drill pay in the grade of E5 or higher.
  • SMP cadets receive longevity credit ( for period of satisfactory participation in SMP) towards reserve retirement. 
  • Commissioned officers receive time in service credit for base pay calculations for time in service as an SMP member.
  • SMP Cadets receive extra opportunity to learn and practice leadership under the supervision of commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

Required Documentation

  • Cadets or enlisted soldiers who contract and become SMP participants must complete selected Cadet Command Forms as well as USAR/ARNG forms.  In addition to the forms necessary for contracting, the following forms as are necessary for SMP participation.
  • DA Form 4824-R (SMP agreement between Cadet Command and USAR units) or NGB Form 594-1 (SMP agreement between Cadet Command and ARNG units).
  • Copy of  DD Form 214.
  • SMP Letter of Recommendation from National Guard or Reserve Unit Commander.
  • Verification of citizenship.
  • Past medical exam (SF 88 and SF 93).
  • Obtain letter of acceptance fro the Professor of Military Science.