For Current Undergraduates

I’m already in College

If you are already enrolled at NCCU or Duke, you still can still receive an Army ROTC Scholarship.

Scholarship awards to current students are based on the funds available for the current Fiscal Year and often vary from year to year. However, our students are generally very competitive for scholarship dollars when they become available. If you sign up for ROTC and do well in the training program as well as in your academic classes, chances are good that you will be submitted for a scholarship. Scholarship Applications for current students are normally submitted in January.

Specialty Scholarships

In addition to traditional Army ROTC Scholarships, which place no restrictions on the student's major, there are specialty scholarships for students majoring in a critical Foreign Language, Science, Math or Engineering.  These scholarships require a student to study these subjects but offer the same financial benefits of other scholarships, including full Tuition and Fee payment, a lump sum for books and a monthly stipend up to $500. These scholarships are submitted and awarded on a case-by-case basis.